Chinese FDI and Structural Transformation in Africa: Technology Transfer, Linkages, and Learning

December 4, 2015



With funding from the DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme (DEGRP) in the UK, this project focuses on Chinese engagement in Africa in comparative perspective: it studies how Chinese engagements in Africa compare with those in the past, with other powerful countries in Africa, with other powerful countries as they invested in China, and with Chinese approaches elsewhere in the developing world. Using a multi-step, mixed-method research approach, the project investigates the potential of the China-Africa relationship for enhancing structural transformation through direct training, technology dissemination, backward and forward linkages, subcontracting and personnel transfers. There are four components: data collection, mapping, and scoping studies; comparative, analytical narrative case studies; new survey research; and dissemination. To date, SAIS-CARI has completed studies in one pilot country, Madagascar. Currently, we are conducting new and updated studies for 14 other African countries.

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