Policy Briefs

SAIS-CARI Policy Briefs are short summaries of original, policy-relevant research on China’s Africa engagement. The first series of SAIS-CARI Policy Briefs comprise findings presented by researchers at the SAIS-CARI Conference “China’s Agricultural Investment in Africa: Land Grabs’ or ‘Friendship Farms’?” held at Johns Hopkins SAIS in May 2014.

  • Policy Brief 01/2014: The Political Ecology of Chinese Investment in Uganda: the Case of Hanhe Farm, Josh Maiyo.
  • Policy Brief 02/2014: Chinese Agricultural Investment in Mozambique: the Case of Wanbao Rice Farm, Sérgio Chichava.
  • Policy Brief 03/2014: Chinese Training Courses for African Officials: a “Win-Win” Engagement?, Henry Tugendhat.
  • Policy Brief 04/2015: Chinese Agricultural Engagement in Zambia: A Grassroots Analysis, Solange Guo Chatelard and Jessica M. Chu.
  • Policy Brief 05/2015: Chinese Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Africa: Case Studies in Ghana and Nigeria, Yang Jiao.
  • Policy Brief 06/2015: Assessing the Impact of Chinese Investment on Southeast Africa’s Cotton: Moving up the Value Chain?, Tang Xiaoyang.
  • Policy Brief 07/2015: Neither ‘Land Grab’ nor ‘Friendship Farm:’ Chinese Agricultural Engagement in Angola, Zhou Jinyan.
  • Policy Brief 08/2015: Chinese Financed Hydropower Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, Deborah Brautigam,  Jyhjong Hwang, and Lu Wang.

The Conference was made possible thanks to funding from Johns Hopkins University and the Smith Richardson Foundation.